Oldstyle Bold Revitalization

Pacific Lutheran University

Digital revitilzation of lead movable type from Pacific Lutheran University’s Thorinelly Collection.

Oldstyle was designed by Gustav Schroeder and released in 1886 through Central Type Foundry.

Initially designed and cast in lead movable type, Oldstyle Bold now lives in the digital. I found the typeface while perusing Pacific Lutheran University’s Thorniley Collection and digitized it in 2018.

Aside from the slanted axis of a few select letterforms, not much else about this typeface is traditionally Oldstyle.

A mixture of calligraphic and glyphic features make up the serifs. Exaggerated apices, vertices, and beaks define the uppercase letterforms. These attributes are juxtaposed nicely by the softness of the teardrop terminals provided in the lowercase letterforms.


Oldstyle Bold

+ Gustav Schroeder

Thorniley Collection

+ PLU’s Elliott Press